Spamassassin speed

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Thu Dec 6 16:46:37 GMT 2007

Marcello Anderlini wrote:
> I know this has been discussed many, many time but I still waiting for a
> final and clear answer.
> For example now, without change nothing spamassassin is very slow. I'm using
> spamassassin-3.2.3-1.el4.rf on centos 4.5 with 2gb memory.
> I've put /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming in memory. I'm using pyzor and
> razor, rulues_du_jour.

Word of warning: RDJ is almost obsolete, but is still useful for small-scale 
rule developers. Any rules from the SpamAssassin team can be updated with 
sa-update. You can also update SARE rules this way if you add their channel.

See also:

You can still use RDJ for various web-hosted rulsets that don't have sa-update 
channel support. However, many copies of RDJ floating around support rulesets 
that *nobody* should use. Make sure you're not using any of these sets with RDJ:

antidrug  - part of SA official set since 3.0.0, and only maintained in the 
official tree.

sa-blacklist - too large for anyone to practically use. Consumes about 500MB per 
child and grinds SA to a screeching halt.

blacklist-uri - as above, and wholly redundant with the WS list on SURBL 
(supported by default in SA 3.0 and higher if network tests are enabled.)

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