Recommended spam.lists and/or sendmail dnsbl settings?

Johnny Stork stork at
Tue Dec 4 16:17:31 GMT 2007

With the ongoing changes to various RBL's and the recent threads on 
spamhaus, can someone recommend or share a good/current spam.lists file 
along with a recommended "Spam List =" line? and/or dnsbl 

I used to have

Spam List = spamhaus-ZEN

Also, from what I understand, adding the DNSBL to sendmail will block 
mail without passing into MS, and setting/using them in MS and NOT 
sendmail will score and tag offending mail.

Can someone suggest an optimal combination of sendmail dnsbl and MS 
"Spam List=" settings? Should I use both? or just one based on whether I 
want to block/tag SPAM?

This is what I currently have in

FEATURE(`dnsbl',`', `"554 Rejected " $&{client_addr} 
" - see"')dnl
FEATURE(`dnsbl', `', `"554 Rejected " $&{client_addr} " - 
FEATURE(`dnsbl', `',         `"554 Rejected " 
$&{client_addr} " found in"')dnl
FEATURE(`dnsbl', `', `"554 Rejected " 
$&{client_addr} " found in"')dnl

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