MailScanner via Yum (CentOS)

John Lundin lundin at
Tue Aug 28 16:09:32 IST 2007

On Tue, Aug 28, 2007 at 01:02:43PM +0100, Paul Hutchings wrote:
> It seems I can get most things via the CentOS distribution or by adding
> rpmforge to the yum repository list.
> Does anyone know if it is possible to get mailscanner in this manner
> rather than having to download and build from the RPMs on the site?

Mostly. I do run MS on a Centos box without installed compile tools.

You need to create a MailScanner-perl-MIME-Base64 rpm on another
similar system first, copy it over and install it.

Install the rpmforge perl packages corresponding to the perl-* srpms
in the distribution (the ones that aren't available are in core perl.)
I used the tnef from rpmforge. Then install the unpacked mailscanner
rpm and configure. Worked for me.

In theory (untried) you should just be able to install the
MailScanner-perl-MIME-Base64 rpm and then:
yum localinstall mailscanner-x.yy.z-k.noarch.rpm

Of course, either of these may void your warranty. ;-) To be safe,
keep your puppies and kittens away from the installed system.

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