fell off the wagon, climbing back on

Jeff A. Earickson jaearick at colby.edu
Wed Aug 22 21:13:11 IST 2007

Julian et al,

I replaced my legacy sendmail box with an fancy new all-in-one
email appliance on July 23.  Anti-spam, anti-virus, integrated
webmail/POP/IMAP/calendaring, shared mail folders, etc, etc.
And I bailed off the list, thinking life would be good.

Forgive me, Jules, for I have sinned.  I've gotten my butt kicked
by both the spammers and the user community in the past month.
While my new gear is great for integrated webmail etc (and the
users like it), its anti-spam setup is clearly inferior to MailScanner. 
I figured that the [unamed] appliance might be worse than MailScanner in
terms of anti-spam, but I was shocked at how much of a difference there

Due to popular demand/angry mobs, I am putting my legacy system
back in front of the appliance to run sendmail/MailScanner in 
relay mode to get our spam back to where it was.  I had left it
intact, so this was just a case of updating MailScanner, SA, and clam
and redoing my sendmail.cf file.

Woe to those who stray from the path of MailScanner.  You
will be punished.

Jeff Earickson
Colby College

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