mailscanner lint errors

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Tue Aug 21 16:56:58 IST 2007

Dear ALL,

i am using the latest mailscanner + the jules SA+AV script and have
installed as per the docs and when i run the MailScanner --lint it shows


Version number in MailScanner.conf (4.62.9) is correct.

ERROR: The "envelope_sender_header" in your spam.assassin.prefs.conf
ERROR: is not correct, it should match X-Baladia-MailScanner-MailScanner-From

Checking for SpamAssassin errors (if you use it)...
SpamAssassin temp dir = /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/SpamAssassin-Temp
SpamAssassin reported no errors.
MailScanner.conf says "Virus Scanners = clamav"
Found these virus scanners installed: clamav
Ignore errors about failing to find EOCD signature
format error: can't find EOCD signature
 at /usr/sbin/MailScanner line 451
Virus Scanner test reports:
ClamAV said " contains Eicar-Test-Signature"

If any of your virus scanners (clamav)
are not listed there, you should check that they are installed correctly
and that MailScanner is finding them correctly via its virus.scanners.conf.

r the above errors serious .. how cd i fix it

2) right now i have clamav-0.91.1-1.el5.rf and the latest stable version
is  0.91.2 ..

how cd i install this since earlier i installed it via Jules script

apprecite and thnks



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