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Here's the fix for the "Too many close parenthesis" error in the
BlameTheInterns release: 


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On Mon, July 30, 2007 18:01, UxBoD wrote:
> I do and I replied :)
> I only changed a couple of things in :-
> :log_to_allmail.txt: /no/
> :rewrites_enabled: /no/

I belive i got the required changes in, but still see errors, that
i don't think has to do with config:

# spamassassin --lint

 ERROR: mailreaver.crm broke.  Here's the error\:
/usr/bin/crm: *WARNING*
 Too many close parenthesis in this math:     0.00  > 10.0)
I'll try to keep working.
This happened at line 545 of file mailreaver.crm
[31154] warn: crm114: Error. Failed to get CRM114-Status. \
 at /etc/mail/spamassassin/ line 326.

Line 545 in mailreaver.crm is:

        match [:stats_only:] /SET/

I've been searching for unbalanced paranthesis in crm114 dir:

# grep ":stats_only:" *
mailfilter.crm:isolate <default> (:stats_only:)
mailfilter.crm:         match <absent> [:stats_only:] /SET/
mailfilter.crm: #   is this a :stats_only: run (i.e. for CAMRAM)
mailfilter.crm:         match [:stats_only:] /SET/
mailfilter.crm:    #   is this a :stats_only: run (i.e. for CAMRAM)
mailfilter.crm:         match [:stats_only:] /SET/
mailreaver.crm:    isolate (:spam: :good: :cache: :dontstore:
mailreaver.crm:     isolate (:stats_only:) <default> //
mailreaver.crm:     alter (:stats_only:) /SET/
mailreaver.crm:    match [:stats_only:] /SET/
mailreaver.crm: match [:stats_only:] /SET/

And i still got no clues ???


Mogens Melander
+45 40 85 71 38
+66 870 133 224

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