Performance between SpamAssassin 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 and 3.2.3

Greg Matthews gmatt at
Wed Aug 15 17:56:09 IST 2007

Daniel Eiland wrote:
> I am also seeing a dramatic performance decrease.
> My mailserver does around 30k emails a day, no problem with my previous
> spamassassin install, but after upgrading to 3.2.3 my queue is always around
> 1000 e-mails and emails are scanned with a delay of around 2 hours.
> The strange thing is my system is 70-90% idle, so a DNS problem sounds very
> likely to me.

given the relatively low traffic on this thread and my own inability to 
spot the performance issue (even tho my upgrade to 3.2.2 happened pretty 
recently) suggests that most people (myself included) have hidden the 
problem behind a caching DNS server. Can anyone on this thread confirm 
whether or not they are using a caching DNS?

I've attached a png from one of my relays showing spam check speed. The 
upgrade happened right at the end of July on this box (more or less 
where you see the red line). There is no noticeable drop in performance. 
The dark blue line shows the spam check speed and the average for those 
weeks is 89.5kB/s the magenta line is the max spam check speed. Note 
that this is SA only. Virus checks and the like make the overall figures 
barely register at the bottom of the graph!

This is a (~5 years) old dual Xeon currently pushing around 20-25k 
message per day.

> In my maillog I log the speed, I get around 300 bytes per second! That's
> terribly slow. With a similar server, but with 3.2.1i get 45000 bytes per
> second.
> There must be something seriously wrong I think.
> I tried disabling plugins, but no significant difference.
> I hope someone has a solution for this.

have you tried installing a caching DNS?

> Daniel

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