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You say "with source" near the end of your comment. Do you mean "with 
builds from source (i.e. same as installing via CPAN)" or do you mean 
"with SRPMs"?

Any RPM-based distro of ClamAV+SA I did would involve SRPMs for all the 
Perl stuff anyway, I refuse to distribute RPMs of Perl modules as they 
make no sense for exactly the reasons you have described.

Gareth wrote:
> You also have to build rpms for the packages that redhat wont upgrade
> aswell. For example I run FC6 but the latest spamassassin available through
> yum is 3.1.9 since 3.2 is a new major version.
> For situations like this you want to either maintain your own specific rpm
> repository or do it via source.
> Given the variety of playforms and the age of some of the systems there
> would have to be multiple rpm versions to cater for different library
> versions that people use for example. With source Julian only needs to worry
> about one version and since it is compiled it is optimised for the hardware
> it is running on.
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>> We build RPMs for MailScanner and all it's prerequisites.
>> It works fine if you're patient enough to build and maintain them.
>> We only need to build the ones that RedHat doesn't provide already.
>> Nate
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