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Fri Aug 10 23:01:06 IST 2007

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On Fri, 10 Aug 2007, Glenn Steen wrote:

> On 10/08/07, Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com> wrote:
>> Res spake the following on 8/9/2007 4:33 PM:
>>> whereas BIND9 is now 8 years old,
>>> and BIND9 is performance-competitive against BIND8,
>>> and BIND9 conforms to more of the DNS protocol than BIND8,
>>> and BIND9 is more secure and more portable than BIND8,
>>> we are declaring BIND8 to be in "end of life" (like BIND4).
>>> posted here because I know many of you by your own admission have bad
>>> habits of not updating software.
>> I bet there is still a lot of bind4 installs running around the world!
>> But not here.
>> So bind9 is 8 years old? Bind10 should be just around the end of the decade
>> somewhere.
> Thanks Noel, I imagine though that those who need read that... Might
> not be reading this list at all:-).

Its Ok, you and Scott are the only ones who read my posts anyway... 
suckers for punishment eh? ;P

Anyway I posted here since there are many smallies on this list that 
manage the whole show and may not be aware.

> And thanks both of you for the laugh. (I need all the positive
> thinking I can grasp at ATM, finding myself in somewhat of a
> quagmire... One that more work can't, for once, can't cure...
> Emotions, who needs them, eh:-)

if (-e "bad emotions") {
     /bar/copious\ amounts\ of\ alcohol

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