Sendmail help ?? Please.

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Fri Aug 10 14:06:57 IST 2007

On 10/08/07, Kai Schaetzl <maillists at> wrote:
> Andrews Carl 455 wrote on Fri, 10 Aug 2007 00:11:14 -0500:
> > clicked reply
> That's what you should do if you want to "reply". If you don't reply you don't
> hit "reply", that simple ;-) A thread is not determined by the subject, but by
> the in-reply-to or references headers. The subject is only used if neither of
> these headers is available. If you want to post a new question, then simply
> hit "new message" or what it is called in Outlook and enter the mailing-list
> email address (some mail client's, like mine, will enter it automatically
> ..).
> > I am not trying to be dense, in my client this appears as a separate thread.
> Because your client is dumb. Actually, I think Outlook *can* thread correctly,
> but you may need to enable it or maybe it automatically overrides correct
> threading if the subject doesn't match.

Well, it can and it can't. At least before I quit using it for mailing
lists (a few years back) it used to do the most horrendous things to
threading. Might be a setup issue, I don't really trust the windoze
admins/m-sexchange admins to know their sh*t:-).

> Kai

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