Sendmail help ?? Please.

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Sorry, I did not realize that would make a difference. I opened a message to the newsgroup, clicked reply and deleted the message body and the subject ( I promise not to do this again and appologize to whomever I stepped on it was completely unintentional) . I know I am showing my ignorance, but I do not understand how I offened. I use microsoft outlook as an email client, do other clients behave differently because of information contained within the headers? I am not trying to be dense, in my client this appears as a separate thread.

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Andrews Carl 455 spake the following on 8/9/2007 2:09 PM:
> I do not understand. What thread did I jump into? This was a new message??
In your original message is the evidence.
A header with the following;
In-Reply-To: <25775270.14021186678279912.JavaMail.root at>
Which means you opened a message and hit reply. It doesn't matter if you
change the subject, that header is still there.

Simple e-mail forensics 101 class dismissed!


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