Sendmail help ?? Please.

Andrews Carl 455 Carl.Andrews at
Thu Aug 9 18:05:25 IST 2007

I appologize for posting a non-MS question, but it has been my
expierience that if it can be done with email, someone on this list has
done it.

OS: Linux - UBUNTU 6.06.1 LTS with all patches applied
SENDMAIL: 8.13.5

Problem: access.db does work.

I have this in my /etc/mail/access:
GreetPause:                             25000
ClientRate:                             100
ClientConn:                             100
candrews at      REJECT

And have recreated access.db with both 'make access' and 'makemap hash
/etc/mail/access < /etc/mail/access' and tested both with the command:

echo "/map access candrews at" | sendmail -bt 

And I get 'map_lookup: access (candrews at returns

But if I send an email to candrews at through this server
it does not get rejected. Also, if I telnet to 'localhost 25' from the
computer and send the message that way it is delivered too.

What am I missing? I have this working on a CentOS 3.8 server with
sendmail 8.12.

Thanks for any help or insight you can provide!!!


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