ClamAV module logging changed in 4.62

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Wed Aug 8 15:08:12 IST 2007


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 > > Ok I had a look this morning and the only reason I can see 
 > > would be having the display scanner name set to no. And
 > > BTW, The Sohpos scanner name is hard coded so it would
 > > display regardless. The setting in MailScanner.conf you
 > > are looking for is: Include Scanner Name In Reports =  and
 > > it is probably set to no and should be set to yes.
 > This value has always been set to yes on my server, but the 
 > ClamAV name
 > stopped showing up anyways..
 > The bug is on line 1439 of (in the
 > ProcessClamAVModOutput subroutine). If you change this line:
 > 	MailScanner::Log::InfoLog("$Name::%s", $logout);
 > to this line:
 > 	 MailScanner::Log::InfoLog($Name . "::%s", $logout);
 > The name will display properly in the logs. However, this 
 > may not be the
 > "proper" fix, and it may still exist in other areas. In a 
 > quick test, it
 > fixed it for me..

Julian I have to ask WTF? That should be functionally the same?

In any case it would be more correct to use
MailScanner::Log::InfoLog("%s::%s",$Name, $logout);


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