ClamAV module logging changed in 4.62

Joshua Hirsh joshua.hirsh at
Wed Aug 8 14:55:56 IST 2007

> Ok I had a look this morning and the only reason I can see 
> would be having the display scanner name set to no. And
> BTW, The Sohpos scanner name is hard coded so it would
> display regardless. The setting in MailScanner.conf you
> are looking for is: Include Scanner Name In Reports =  and
> it is probably set to no and should be set to yes.

This value has always been set to yes on my server, but the ClamAV name
stopped showing up anyways..

The bug is on line 1439 of (in the
ProcessClamAVModOutput subroutine). If you change this line:
	MailScanner::Log::InfoLog("$Name::%s", $logout);
to this line:
	 MailScanner::Log::InfoLog($Name . "::%s", $logout);
The name will display properly in the logs. However, this may not be the
"proper" fix, and it may still exist in other areas. In a quick test, it
fixed it for me..


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