ClamAV module logging changed in 4.62

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 > Julian Field wrote:
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 > > Rick Cooper wrote:
 > >> Bear in mind that when clamd was added the name of the 
 > scanner is taked from
 > >> the structure and not hard coded so if he has the display 
 > of virus scanners
 > >> off there would be no name
 > ok. but I dont understand, what is "the structure" if you mean my 
 > MailScanner.conf, then clamavmodule is explicitly specified. I'm not 
 > sure what you mean by having "the display of virus scanners 
 > off" either.

By structure I was referring to the internal information MailScanner passes
from function to functions. ClamAVModule used to be hard coded to log
ClamAVModule as the virus scanner but since Clamd and ClamAVModule pass the
same info back in the same format the code that parses the information is
used by both and part of the information that is passed is the scanner name
so the name logged now is dependant upon which scanner is being parsed.
There is an option to hide the scanner name and I honestly don't remember
what it is. If Julian hasn't looked at this yet I will in the morning but
it's late and I have been going since 3:00am so it will have to wait until

 > My SophosSAVI still shows log lines like the following:
 > Aug  6 08:29:20 mailr-w MailScanner[17999]: SophosSAVI::INFECTED:: 
 > Troj/Dloadr-BCP Troj/Dloadr-BCP:: ./l767T9Op023287/
 > but the corresponding clamavmodule line for the same message is:
 > Aug  6 08:29:21 mailr-w MailScanner[17999]: INFECTED:: 
 > Trojan.Downloader-12155:: ./l767T9Op023287/
 > > Good point. That's probably it, I didn't think any of the 
 > clamavmodule 
 > > logging should have changed.
 > excuse my ignorance, please explain the solution...
 > >> Rick
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