AW: AW: DSN and 4.62.9 problem

René Berber r.berber at
Tue Aug 7 22:59:59 IST 2007

R. Ehle wrote:

> I partly agree with you. We have to distinguish "Read Notifications" from
> "Delivery Notifications".

Yes, I see that the read receipt messages have a MIME part with:

Content-Type: message/disposition-notification
Reporting-UA: user; Microsoft Office Outlook 11
Final-Recipient: rfc822;user at
Disposition: manual-action/MDN-sent-manually; displayed

So the precise term would be MDN (ref: RFC 2298) not DSN (ref: RFC 1891, 1892,
1894).  My mistake on the subject.

> Delivery Notifications are sent by the MTA. If the delivery notification is
> sent by a MTA like sendmail, postfix or qmail, the Watermarking function
> works fine.
> If the Delivery Notification is sent by a Microsoft Exchange Server,
> especially, if it is the new one (Exchange 2007), then the header of the
> original message is not included and so Watermarking function fails to
> recognize the message.

Thanks for the clarification.
René Berber

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