Help with sa-update, SARE and RDJ ---Please

Scott Silva ssilva at
Tue Aug 7 19:08:01 IST 2007

Johnny Stork spake the following on 8/6/2007 7:25 PM:
> I am trying to cleanup my current MS install which I have been happily
> running for a few years and just updated to the most current version. I
> had previously been running RDJ but the daily reports showed many errors
> and so I am trying to get a final, working and relatively clean setup.
> After a number of attempts and a great deal of reading, searching and a
> few posts, this whole automated update process seems very unnecessarily
> confusing. Many sites are outdated, no docs available on SARE, some
> sites say to use RDJ, others say RDJ is broken and use sa-update and
> recently Julian indicated I could find some how-to's on the mailing list
> archive but after searching each monthly archive going back around 1
> year, I could find not HOWTO for sa-update. Please dont take this as a
> complaint, just some frustration likely brought on through my own
> ignorance.
The message is dated July 8, 2007 by Julian. The complete subject is
HOWTO: Adding extra rulesets to SpamAssassin

There is some pre-done scripts and a channel file that you can modify.


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