DSN and 4.62.9 problem

René Berber r.berber at computer.org
Mon Aug 6 23:28:28 IST 2007

Matt Hampton wrote:

> René Berber wrote:
>> Similar problem to that reported for OoO and watermarking, read receipts (DSN)
>> messages do not return the watermark header and MailScanner is tagging all of
>> them as spam with the log showing:
>> MailScanner[2081]: Message l76HJGJu004811 from ... has no (or invalid)
>> NULL-Header or sender address
>> This wasn't the case with the previous version used (4.62.7), I'm testing now
>> with watermarking off.  Any other solutions?
> The actual Watermarking code did not change between these versions - the
> only change was wrapping the whole thing in a "Use Watermarking" control.

Perhaps I'm wrong with the versions, I don't think so but is a possibility (in
fact I only have seen these errors since I installed 4.62.9 a week ago, but I
think some DSN messages are not marked which I attributed to an IP whitelisted).

Anyway, confirmed: testing with watermarking off allows DSN reception without
marking them as spam.

> The code works in the same way as milter-null so anyone who is using
> milter-null would experience the same problems (and additional testing
> in the last couple of hours confirms this).
> If anyone else can send me raw queue files (offlist) of any incorrectly
> marked messages I can try and do something - I have one from Martin but
> a few more would be good.

Do you need raw queue files (the pair)? I only have samples of the received message.

> OoO will never be fixable without straying in to the patented method of
> changing the Message-ID a la
> http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20050713-5090.html
> There may be a way to fix read receipts but this would require
> maintaining state (which would break the ability to have multiple
> independent servers) or possibly find a way of allowing read receipts.

If the DSN doesn't return the watermark there is nothing to check...
René Berber

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