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It doesn't at the moment, no. But if your coding is up to it, you could 
look at the auto-zip code and base a new feature around that code. It 
shows you how to detect, delete and add new attachments to a message.

If you can think of a decent way whereby it could be made generic and 
customisable, then I would consider it as a feature. It would need to be 
some form of table of filetypes or filename regexps, a list of 
conversion tools, and a list of what filenames the conversion tools 
would produce. How would we express the source and target filenames? The 
conversion tools are easy, they could even be wrapper scripts if necessary.

Basically it needs to be told
1) Look for "foobar" file command output, or *.foo filenames.
2) Path to conversion program with command-line options, including 
substitutions for source and target filenames, with and without extensions.
3) Name of output file, possibly based on input filename.

What does anyone think?

Iad Scoot wrote:
> Hi,
> Does MailScanner have a feature that can convert certain types of 
> attachments to other types (.rtf to text, etc)?
> Here's my situation - I run a BES behind my firewall and some of my 
> BlackBerry users are routinely getting attachments with .rtf 
> extensions. Our BES does not appear to support .rtf so my users can't 
> get to the content when they are away. I'd like to be able to convert 
> these attachments (or make a copy and convert) them to a readable 
> format - could be .txt, .pdf, whatever will be readable by the 
> BlackBerrys.
> Any thoughts? I saw "unrtf" but I'm not sure how I would integrate 
> that or if it even supports attachments.
> Thanks...


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