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Iad Scoot iad.scoot at
Mon Aug 6 17:38:30 IST 2007


Does MailScanner have a feature that can convert certain types of
attachments to other types (.rtf to text, etc)?

Here's my situation - I run a BES behind my firewall and some of my
BlackBerry users are routinely getting attachments with .rtf extensions. Our
BES does not appear to support .rtf so my users can't get to the content
when they are away. I'd like to be able to convert these attachments (or
make a copy and convert) them to a readable format - could be .txt, .pdf,
whatever will be readable by the BlackBerrys.

Any thoughts? I saw "unrtf" but I'm not sure how I would integrate that or
if it even supports attachments.

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