MailScanner --lint error

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Aug 2 22:32:48 IST 2007

James spake the following on 8/2/2007 2:22 PM:
> Scott Silva wrote:
>> I am getting the following error on my boxes;
>> ERROR: The "envelope_sender_header" in your spam.assassin.prefs.conf
>> ERROR: is not correct, it should match X-BlaBla-MailScanner-From
>> But I have the exact text it is looking for in spam.assassin.prefs.conf
>> Obviously BlaBla is not the organization name.
>> I tried with an = between envelope_sender_header and the header text and
>> without the =.
>> I only changed it because it recommended I have %orgname% in the
>> envelope from
>> and to headers.
>> So it is nagging me to change it, and then complains when I do. Did I
>> suddenly
>> get married this thing?
> I saw the same thing. I simply changed the line to what it said it
> wanted then when I ran it MailScanner --lint again it was happy.
> I copied and pasted so I wouldn't have a spelling error.
> Like this:
> envelope_sender_header X-BlaBla-MailScanner-From
> Maybe one wife wasn't enough for you?
> HTH,
> James
I also tried the copy and paste bit, and restarted, and still it whines at me
And believe me, polygamy is not worth it!!! I am ready to go back to the
original header, without the %org-name% in it.


MailScanner is like deodorant...
You hope everybody uses it, and
you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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