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Wed Aug 1 22:10:43 IST 2007

On 01/08/07, UxBoD <uxbod at> wrote:
> Today, our secondary MX, was hit by a large SPAM storm. The message
> subject was all the same so I presume a new set of bots was unleashed.
> Anyway, I saw the inbound queue jump up to 1000, and MailScanner stop
> logging anything too /var/log/maillog.  I reloaded MS and it began to
> process again.  After getting through ~ 250 messages it started building up
> again.  I checked running processes and all the MS processes were running,
> but they all said Checking SPAM lists.
> My settings are the same on both primary and secondary, the only
> difference being hardware processing power.
> Primary is a dual Opteron 8GB RAM, children set @ 20 with a 100 message
> batch size and all okay.  Secondary is single P4 with 1GB RAM, children set
> @ 5 with a 25 message batch size.
> Has anybody seen this before?  We have ordered a matching server to
> replace the secondary but that is on a two week lead time.  Any ideas?
> I will run a strace tomorrow if it happens again to see where it is
> sticking.
> Regards,

Haven't seen this particular incarnation, but... What you describe is a bit
reminiscent of the old "I've got some non-queue file in the hold queue, and
MS just .... hangs...", wouldn't you agree?
So look for anything non-PF-queuefile-like in the hold queue.

-- Glenn
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