Random messages stuck in mqueue

Corey McFadden cmcfadden01 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 17:09:51 IST 2007


Thanks for the replies.

I'm running Sendmail (sendmail-8.13.1-3.2.el4).

I thought about file locking and DNS as contributing factors but neither
seems to be the case.  I'm using "posix" now but did run with "flock" for a
while to see if it made a difference.

Julian: I've tried both "queue" and "batch" as Delivery Method.  (It had
been batch since the installation and I've had it as queue for about
24-hours without any detectable effect.)

For whatever it's worth, not every message seems to get hung.  Most seem to
be processed expeditiously but the ones that are hung stay that way for a


On 8/1/07, Kai Schaetzl <maillists at conactive.com> wrote:
> Corey McFadden wrote on Wed, 1 Aug 2007 00:46:05 -0400:
> > We're experiencing an issue on one of our boxes where messages (a good
> percentage) are hung in /var/spool/mqueue after being processed by
> MailScanner.
> And your load is low?
> Kai
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