Announcement: New beta 4.59.2 released

Derek Buttineau derek at
Fri Apr 27 16:49:37 IST 2007

On 2007-Apr-27, at 11:08 AM, Julian Field wrote:

> The Change Log for 4.59 so far is this:
> * New Features and Improvements *
> 2 Changed locations monitored for ClamAV updates to fit new ClamAV 0.9
> layout.
> 2 Added support for clamdscan and clamd. Use "Virus Scanners = clamd".
> * Fixes *
> 1 Exim fix by Debian Maintainer: Simon Walter.
> 1 Incoming Work Group not honoured for files with a leading dot in  
> their
>   filename. Again, fix by Simon Walter.

Hi Jules,

Glad to see you back.

I submitted a patch awhile back to move the Black List check ahead of  
the Max Spam Check size (I've included it again), is there any chance  
of getting this incorporated with this release?  If a user has  
blacklisted an address, they shouldn't get mail from that address  
just because the sender sent a large e-mail :)

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