Announcement: New beta 4.59.2 released

chris at chris at
Fri Apr 27 16:40:36 IST 2007

Quoting Julian Field <MailScanner at>:

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> Hi folks,
> I have just released a new beta 4.59.2 which includes the support for
> clamd, using the patches provided earlier on this list.
> If you use clamd and are running MailScanner as root (or have not
> specified the Run As User at all), then it is vital that you read the
> notes just above the "Incoming Work Group" setting in order to get the
> ownership and permissions correct so that clamd can read them.

Julian, don't push yourself too hard.  You've been spending alot of  
time on the list and now a new beta.  Take it easy man! :)

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