how to block mail where From and To are the same?

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You could do this with a very simple Custom Function. It would just 
check to see if
1) There is only 1 recipient
2) The recipient address @{$message->{from}}[0] eq the sender address 

Don't trust the syntax is 100% accurate, my Perl is a bit rusty due to 
my hospital stay.

Quite which configuration option you would attach this to is left as an 
exercise for the reader :-)


Daniel Maher wrote:
> Hello all,
> Lately I have been receiving an increasingly large amount of spam 
> where both the From and To fields are identical (and, of course, 
> forged). The net result is that many of my users appear to be 
> receiving spam /from themselves/, which is causing some distress 
> amongst the user base.
> Now, there are a handful of ways to deal with this situation; however, 
> like always, the community probably already knows the best way to 
> block – or at least add SA points to – such spam.
> I’m using Postfix 2.0 (yes, I know), and the newest MailScanner & 
> SpamAssassin. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions.
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