Fast Dual Core or slower Quad Core..?

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Thu Apr 26 09:49:16 IST 2007

On 26/04/07, Oliver Falk <oliver at> wrote:
> On 04/26/2007 10:19 AM, Glenn Steen wrote:
> [ ... ]
> > Things to keep in mind: You need lots of RAM. At least 1 GiB/CPU ...
> > Well, RAM is cheap these days:-).
> You know? He was talking 'bout a Compaq Maschine; So RAM isn't cheap. :-P

Taking the relativity of everything into account.... those buggers
have gone down too (at least here in Sweden:).

Since Paul is thinking HP from the outset, he must have a budget to
cover it... I hope:-D.

> > Also, there is a tradeoff between faster CPUs and more utnits (CPUs)
> > to schedule work on. If you have massive amounts of messages/day I'd
> > recommend the more units.
> However. I would also recommend more processors... Just my personal
> experience...

If they are exorbitantly more expensive though... As it is, I handle
that amount (approximately) with a tired old DL380G2 ... 1.266 GHz
single PIII with 1.5 GiB RAM... So any of them would be perfectly

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