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On 26/04/07, Alex <alex at skynet-srl.com> wrote:
> > You might actually have more problems than that (in SA, no less), but
> > lets not go there:-).
> >
> What do you mean?? Please enlight me! Is there something important i missed?

Might be that ALL_TRUSTED is firing when it shouldn't... Check that it
only fires for hosts you really do trust. If it does fire for messages
other than those it should fire for, it indicates you have a broken
trust path and should set trusted_networks accordingly (to _not_ trust
the frontend servers/IP-range).
But then again, you might have fixed this already:-).
There is some nice article on the subject in the SpamAssassin wiki...

> >>
> >> Any ideas out there??
> >>
> > As said, I think you are going at this a bit backward, trying to
> > defeat the standard instead of working with it. Sure, you might find a
> > solution eventually... Like, for example, not using Sendmail with the
> > "backend MS servers"... As you say, breaking the RFC in this
> > particular way is rather easy in Postfix... And Postfix works nice
> > with MailScanner....;-).
> >
> > Cheers
> Thanks. it has been a long time since I started thinking about moving my
> sendmail servers to postfix and this may be the right time...

Perhaps not the reason for a switch I would prefer, but ... WTH, go for it;-).

> >>
> >> You can look at all headers in a Custom Function. Very simple with
> >> MailScanner. IIRC, Julian said something about being able to call
> >> custom functions from within rulesets too, which I have not played
> >> with but sounded intriguing!
> >> See my basic example custom function posted here a few weeks ago.
> >>
> >> Ken Anderson
> >> Pacific.Net
> >>
> >>
> Good suggestion. I'll give it a try

Ken giving the lie to my assertion there is no provision for this in
MS... Then again, with a Custom Function... anything goes:-).

-- Glenn
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