Upgrade to clamav 0.90.2 makes scanning extremely slow

Kapetanakis Giannis bilias at edu.physics.uoc.gr
Wed Apr 25 23:43:38 IST 2007

On Wed, 25 Apr 2007, Daniel Maher wrote:

> Thank you for your prompt and informative reply!  Unfortunately, it "didn't work". :(  I followed all of the steps, including the wrapper, lint, and debug tests, and everything appeared to be ok.
> When I restarted MailScanner with "clamd" as the Virus Scanner, all continued to appear well.  Messages were coming in, getting processed, ostensibly scanned, and passed along.  However, the load had dropped /so much/ compared to clamscan that I became suspicious.  I sent a handful of messages with either the Eicar test string, or the Eicar zip file, through the mail server.  They passed through cleanly, without so much as a warning.
> Clearly, messages were /not/ getting scanned by clamd.  I re-enabled clamscan, and sent the same Eicar test messages again; this time, they were indentified as normal.
> After some investigation, I noticed that the Incoming Work Dir was not owned by the proper group, as defined by: Incoming Work Group = clamv
> I chgrp -R'd the directory, and tried again, but to my surprise, when I restarted MailScanner, ownership reverted to postfix.root !
> Does anybody have any idea why the permissions on the Incoming Work Dir are not being set properly, and what might be changing them?  Furthermore, does this even seem to be the reason why clamd wasn't able to scan incoming mail?

Clamd must have access to files you want to scan.
I have
Incoming Work Permissions = 0640
Incoming Work Group = clamav
Incoming Work User =

Does the user and the group clamav exist in your system?
Under what privileges does clamd runs?

Don't have a clue of what might changing the permission back
to clamav:root


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