quarantined HAM in queue files

Bart van den Heuvel bart at zokahn.com
Wed Apr 25 23:04:59 IST 2007


Made a bit of a mistake, I stated: Quarantine Whole Messages As Queue Files
= Yes

I should have stated it as a No. Now I have several HAM messages in
quarantine and I cannot send them to their proper destination. I´ve seen
other answers in the list and I have tried those:

While i´m in /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/DATE/spam do this
cp -p 742CB1012B.812D8 /var/spool/postfix/incoming/7/742CB1012B
and then I check postfix in webmin to see if there are any mails in the
queue, but it claims there are non. If I go to this dir and do an ls I see
the file then I do:
postfix check 
And the file disappears into nothingness. No explaining error message,
nothing! Postfix does not deliver the file, as there is no mention of
anything in the log (/var/log/mail.log)

Anyone any idea on how to get those messages back in route? I use Ubuntu,
postfix, mailscanner


Bart van den Heuvel

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