ClamAVModule Oversized.Zip

Dan Farmer dan.farmer at
Wed Apr 25 22:10:23 IST 2007

On Apr 25, 2007, at 2:47 PM, Dan Farmer wrote:

> installed versions (i know they're a bit behind):
> MailScanner-4.58.9-1
> install-Clam-0.88.7-SA-3.1.8
> 0.17    Mail::ClamAV

Well, as I was fishing around more I just hit a whole mess of  
messages from people having this issue with 0.88.7 when it came out  
and they did not find any solution (other than reverting back to  
0.88.6) in the threads.

I've reverted back to clamav for now until I can upgrade to the newer  


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