No sendmail processes start when MS starts

Mike Kercher mike at
Wed Apr 25 00:02:46 IST 2007

mailscanner-bounces at <> scribbled on :

: I've been using MS for a few years now with very few
: problems. However, my old server is on its last legs, so I've
: decided to migrate to a shiny new box. I've moved my
: /etc/MailScanner conf, prefs, rules, etc. files from the old
: box to the new. I've not yet moved bayes, but I assume that
: shouldn't be a problem (right?)
: The new OS is CentOS 4.4, and I've upgraded MS to the latest
: version. I'm unsure if MS worked properly before the upgrade.
: I am also using sendmail 8.13 (the old server was 8.10), and
: I changed the Lock Type. I've upgraded sa to 3.18 and clamav
: to 0.92, but I'm using clamav, not clamavmodule, so that should work.
: After I installed, I went through the routine of chkconfig
: sendmail off.....
: When I start up MS, I get notification "starting MailScanner
: [OK]" (or similar--I'm not in front of a console now), but no
: sendmail processes are started. My maillog files seem to be
: okay, all the children start, sa is okay as is clam; but of
: course, there are no sendmail processes.
: When I lint sa, everything's okay. I can't seem to debug MS;
: it hangs, because there's no mail--or is my assumption
: incorrect?  I'm not sure where to look, though. Any
: suggestions would be appreciated.
: Thanks,
: Alden

Did you STOP sendmail before starting MS?


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