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Chris Hammond wrote:
> Julian Field wrote:
>> Matt Kettler wrote:
>>> James R. Stevens wrote:
>>>> Have we already addressed these Failure notice , Undeliverable
>>>> mails that are coming from everywhere. It seems to be more and more
>>>> users are seeing these messages getting through. Some 100 per day.
>>>> Anyone else seeing these things?  Different subjects etc..
>> If you haven't got it installed already, grab a copy of milter-null. 
>> Kills these things dead instantly. And you still get the delivery 
>> failure messages that were actually caused by you mistyping addresses, 
>> it doesn't just ditch all delivery failure reports.
> Julian, good to hear from you!  How are you feeling?
Doing okay thanks. I'm getting stronger every day and can now walk for 
about 45 minutes without feeling totally worn out, which is up from 
about 5 minutes 3 weeks ago. I am getting considerably less pain now too 
which makes me feel a lot more comfortable.

With co-operation from my doctor, I have ended up back on Oxycodone as 
it is just about the best painkiller for me and it actually works, which 
can't be said for most painkillers these days. I have developed 
resistance to most of the popular ones over the years, so I end up 
having to take ever stronger drugs.

So I'm not getting too much pain, and I'm growing stronger, so all is good.

I'll find out on Monday or Tuesday if I am managing to put on a decent 
amount of weight too. I was about 115 pounds when I left hospital. 
Hopefully that's a bit better now :-)


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