stopping clamav detecting encrypted zip files

Tony Canning tonyc at
Fri Apr 20 17:12:21 IST 2007

Thanks for the response - I didn't make myself clear, this is the technique I am already using as a workaround, but it is of course reactive, after each user complains about non receipt/delivery of mail.  Is this really a bug with no solution?


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Tony Canning wrote:
> Hi, I've been following this thread with interest as I still haven't 
> solved this problem on my network, as posted previously (see below).
> I have allowed encrypted messages in MailScanner.conf, and disabled 
> everything I can find which might be blocking them, but we still can't 
> send or receive password-protected zip files unless I bypass 
> mailscanner completely.. if anyone can suggest anything further it 
> would be appreciated.. thanks Tony Canning

Virus Scanning = %rules-dir%/virus.scanning.rules

FromOrTo: user at no
FromOrTo: default yes

Ken Anderson
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