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On Wed, 18 Apr 2007, Drew Marshall wrote:

>> If you use Qmail, then use vpopmail, if you want a good webmail with it, 
>> instlal courier-imap and squirrelmail, useing mysql to hold user 
>> prefs/address books etc.
>> If you use postmix and Maildir, who knows, probably Dovecot.
> Or indeed any of the above! As you will remember oh Evil Bunny, Postmix, the 
> flexibility of that 'aged monolithic software' you like with the

Should have knowm hey Drewy, after all postmix does nothing but copy 
sendmail ;).. only thing it does that sendmail does not is use Maildir,
but since there is no clear mess-free setup for virtual domains like qmail 
has with vpopmail, we stick to Qmail for those setups, mind you, some have 
sendmail front ends (means we dont have to spend all day patching qmail 
lol) :D

> is nice and simple and you can delegate mailbox control to 'domain admins', 
> which saves loads of support time when users want another alias or mailbox

This is why we use Qmail in virtual domain it does it with ease, one thing 
tho, we dont use database to auth pop3 users we use CDB file, it has far 
far far superior performance then databases, and many large users report 
the same results, it has been found a cluster of DB of 6 servers is 
required to match the same performance with say 6K concurrent accesses, 
but we do use databases for user prefs and user addressbooks etc.

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