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Drew Marshall drew at technologytiger.net
Wed Apr 18 08:06:10 IST 2007

On 18 Apr 2007, at 01:03, Res wrote:

> Dovecot is OK, its pretty fast, but buggy, it had 31 or so release  
> candicates before 1.0, and a bug was found the same day it was  
> released
> (under a week ago), it reminds me of gaim, and how holey that is,  
> the only difference is, on dedicated sendmail boxes I will use  
> Dovecot (and never touch gaim despite its recent name change to try  
> avoid the stigma), as we use squirrelmail and its nice features, if  
> you dont need imap, try popa3d, very small, very fast.
> If you use Qmail, then use vpopmail, if you want a good webmail  
> with it, instlal courier-imap and squirrelmail, useing mysql to  
> hold user prefs/address books etc.
> If you use postmix and Maildir, who knows, probably Dovecot.

Or indeed any of the above! As you will remember oh Evil Bunny,  
Postmix, the flexibility of that 'aged monolithic software' you like  
with the performance of that 'patched to death to bring it close to  
modern' MTA :-)

Personally, I use maildir with Courier-IMAP, Squirrelmail (For  
webmail) and all tied together with MySQL userdb (And managed through  
Postfix-Admin, which is nice and simple and you can delegate mailbox  
control to 'domain admins', which saves loads of support time when  
users want another alias or mailbox set up).


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