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Seamus Allan seamus at
Tue Apr 17 02:35:58 IST 2007

Wow, look's like I will be migrating my Bayes DB over to mysql ASAP.

Thanks for the heads up (and great new word).



Seamus Allan
Network Engineer
Rheel Electronics Ltd

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Seamus Allan wrote:
> I could shift my bayes db
> to our mysql server, and reading from the docs I think I could populate
> sql database with the data in both of my databases - is this correct?

Yup-- though I'm not opposed to an occasional Bayes rebuild.

> Short of spamassassin clustering, are there any good reasons as to keeping
> the bayes DB on our sql server. Is it faster? Is it more reliable?
A crapton faster-- force-expire takes 45 seconds instead of ten minutes, 
for starters...

Jay Chandler
Network Administrator
Chapman University

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