Reports for different domains

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at
Mon Apr 16 07:45:43 IST 2007

Michael Mansour wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to setup different reports for different domains.
> Looking in MailScanenr.conf I see:
> # Set where to find the message text sent to users when one of their
> # attachments has been deleted from a message.
> # These can also be the filenames of rulesets.
> Deleted Bad Content Message Report = 
> %report-dir%/deleted.content.message.txt
> Deleted Bad Filename Message Report = 
> %report-dir%/deleted.filename.message.txt
> Deleted Virus Message Report = %report-dir%/deleted.virus.message.txt
> Deleted Size Message Report = %report-dir%/deleted.size.message.txt
> so it seems with rulesets I may be able to do what I want.
> I use many rulesets and have been for years, so understanding them is 
> not a problem, I'm just trying to figure out how I could setup a ruleset 
> for the above to use one report file for one domain and another report 
> file for another domain.
> Then of course, the default report files to use when not specifically 
> defined.

on these lines.. in MailScanner.conf
Deleted Bad Content Message Report = 

In %rules-dir%/

FromOrTo:	domain1.tld 
FromOrTo:	domain2.tld 
FromOrTO:	default	%report-dir%/deleted.content.message.txt

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