Long gaps?

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at whidbey.com
Sun Apr 15 01:23:57 IST 2007


A file attachment was blocked recently with the following report:

Report: MailScanner: A long gap in a name is often used to hide part of 
it (Amanda Dukehar.pdf)

That seems odd, I wouldn't normally regard one space as a "long gap". I 
checked in filename.rules.conf and found this rule:

# Deny filenames with lots of contiguous white space in them.
deny    \s{10,}         Filename contains lots of white 
space                                           A long gap in a name is 
often used to hide part $

I'm regex-illiterate, but that suggests to me that the intent is to 
block anything with a run of ten spaces in it.

Lots of folks use spaces in filenames, and I really don't like the idea 
of needing to fish all of them out of quarantine manually. Is there 
something wrong with that rule, or do I have to just abandon that test?


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