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Fri Apr 13 08:40:01 IST 2007


Seamus Allan wrote:
> Hi guys, been lurking for the last while, and now I have a question.
> We are running MailScanner with Postfix and all the jazz quite successfully
> for over a year now. After a while I have noticed that some very spammy
> messages are getting through with quite low spam scores. Intrigued, I placed
> some of these messages where I could get to them, and ran (as root)
> spamassassin -t < messagefile, and I get a good score (well over the
> threshold). So then I sudo'd the spamassassin command as the postfix user,
> and I got the low score - bingo.
> However, I am not sure which config is user dependent, and where to shift it
> to such that it gets used by spamassassin when run by the postfix user.
> It's probably a pretty simple solution, but I just can't find it.

Can you supply us with the list of SpamAssassin rules that are hit for 
each user?

My initial guess is that you have been training the Bayes database as 
root, which creates a database that only root uses.  But without seeing 
the scores that is purely a guess.

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