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Wed Apr 11 08:39:29 IST 2007

Hello Mailinglist!


My English is not so well, but I hope you will understand me and
hopefully have an answer to my question ;-)

We have a mailscanner server on debian with mailscanner version 4.54.6,
bitdefender and clamav in version 0.90.1.

Normally the server works with the clamav perl modul, but as I came
today in the office, I've registered that the server doesn't work still
2 AM. I've controlled the mailscanner logfiles and found the entry "none
of the files matchd by the "monitors for clamav updates" patterns


So I change the mailscanner config to work temporarily only with the
bitdefender engine and restart the mailscanner process. I've controlled
the logfiles and saw, that the queued mails were properly scanned and
deliver to our exchange server.

After that, I've changed the mailscanner config one more time to use the
normal clamav modul. And with this engine, mailscanner works too. But
with the perl module from clamav it doesn't. It appears every minute the
above entry.


I hope somebody can help me to solve the problem, so I can use the
clamav perl modul.


Thanks a lot.

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