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Paul Baily gen2lists at
Tue Apr 10 09:29:27 IST 2007

Hi Michael,

Sorry for the delay, got distracted by something shiny. :-)

On 02/04/2007, at 4:23 pm, Michael Mansour wrote:

> Could you explain what you did? did you just continue to use  
> Mailgraph? and if so, what did you need to change to get the stats  
> you wanted for mailscanner/sendmail?

Yes, continued to use Mailgraph but went through and adjusted the  
regexes of strings it was looking for. I have smf-sav installed  
(sorry Rick, it's got a really big cache, and I'm definitely taking  
what you said on board, honest :-) so some log entries are different  
from usual.

What I found really helpful was grabbing the logs of a non-production  
MailScanner box that included single (artificial) instances of each  
case, then trying various grep strings against that log to pick up  
only the actions I was looking for, e.g. good mail site-in, good mail  
site-out, bounces, rejects etc. Then I plugged those into the perl  
script with the appropriate counter words. I've still some fine- 
tuning to do like getting send and receive (from a site context)  
properly nailed down, but it's a finite problem. If you like I can  
send you a copy of the file as it stands offlist.


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