Bounced Mail - DNS Problems?

Matt Hayes dominian at
Wed Apr 4 19:58:08 IST 2007

Kevin Miller wrote:
> Matt Hayes wrote:
>> Johnny Stork wrote:
>>> I had actually tried that before, but here is my problem. I run a
>>> Scalix mail server internally and so it is setup to send outgoing
>>> mail to ( which runs mailscanner
>>> and is the SMTP mail server for my network. But as soon as I ad the
>>> A record for so it resolves to
>>>, the Scalix mailserver cannot route/forward all
>>> outgoing mail to Is there any way I can have
>>> the internal machines resolve/see the servers only with their
>>> internal IP's, even if there is a cooresponding a record and
>>> routable ip address? 
>> Well, if it were me, I would configure the server to relay mail to the
>> internal IP rather than a domain name then add the DNS A record for
>> the correct entry.
> That would work, but another option is to have two records in DNS:  
>   int-gateway	IN A
>   gateway		IN A
> and point the Scalix box to int-gateway.  You retain the benefits of DNS
> that way.
> Yet another option is to set up bind to have multiple views.  My
> internal users see one list of records, external users see another.  The
> hostname may be the same, but the address returned by DNS is different
> depending on whether they're on my internal lan or the internet...
> ...Kevin

Ahhh very nice.  I didn't even consider that.  :)


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