Bounced Mail - DNS Problems?

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Wed Apr 4 19:48:08 IST 2007

Matt Hayes wrote:
> Johnny Stork wrote:
>> I had actually tried that before, but here is my problem. I run a
>> Scalix mail server internally and so it is setup to send outgoing
>> mail to ( which runs mailscanner
>> and is the SMTP mail server for my network. But as soon as I ad the
>> A record for so it resolves to
>>, the Scalix mailserver cannot route/forward all
>> outgoing mail to Is there any way I can have
>> the internal machines resolve/see the servers only with their
>> internal IP's, even if there is a cooresponding a record and
>> routable ip address? 
> Well, if it were me, I would configure the server to relay mail to the
> internal IP rather than a domain name then add the DNS A record for
> the correct entry.

That would work, but another option is to have two records in DNS:  
  int-gateway	IN A
  gateway		IN A
and point the Scalix box to int-gateway.  You retain the benefits of DNS
that way.

Yet another option is to set up bind to have multiple views.  My
internal users see one list of records, external users see another.  The
hostname may be the same, but the address returned by DNS is different
depending on whether they're on my internal lan or the internet...

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