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Ken Goods KGoods at AIAInsurance.com
Wed Apr 4 19:53:51 IST 2007

Julian Field wrote:
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> Hi folks,
> I spent 2 1/2 weeks unconscious in intensive care with 10 monitors, 9
> tubes, a ventilator, 2 nurses and a technician looking after just me,
> 24 hours a day. They finally brought me round when I was well enough,
> and I then spent the next 2 weeks learning how breathe, talk, use my
> hands, walk and all the necessary stuff like that.

It made my day to hear you were back at home! My positive thoughts and
prayers will continue to be with you daily. Take care, take it easy, and
take your own sweet time getting well. It's not that we don't miss you, we
just want you to be as healthy and happy as possible before you waste your
energy on anything but getting well.

Hoping you have a speedy, and comfortable recovery!

Kind regards,
Ken (from beautiful Hells Canyon, Idaho) 

Ken Goods
Network Administrator
CropUSA Insurance, Inc.

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