New Server Specs?

Gareth list-mailscanner at
Wed Apr 4 11:57:03 IST 2007

I am running fuzzyocr using ocrad and gocr. The cpu utilisation is
fairly low as most of the image spams are caught by bayes and other
checks so the score is already over 10 before fuzzyocr runs so it does
not bother checking.

On Wed, 2007-04-04 at 11:53, Neil Wilson wrote:
> --[ UxBoD ]-- wrote:
> > I have just built a 1U server with two 2.4GHz Opterons and 4GB RAM. We are processing ~30,000 emails per day and have image SPAM recognition running aswell. 
> Which image Spam recognition are you utilising, I'm currently using Fuzzy OCR and this seems 
> to put quite a load on the system.
> Thanks.
> Neil
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