How to flag SPAM in MS Exchange/Outlook using Mailscanner?

Thiago Martins tmartins at
Tue Apr 3 21:49:57 IST 2007

Hi Kevin.

Thanks for the link. I will test spambayes.

I know that changing the subject is the easiest way, but you know, our
bosses never want the easy way. :)

I have other problems too. Here we don´t allow any mail marked as SPAM
(high or not) to go to the user. There is a dedicate person to check
the quarantine and release false positives. Maybe it would be nicer to
let low spam pass and let the user decide. But not a long ago there
was Lotus Notes + Securiq and this behavior is a legacy from those
suffering times and it will take some time to change this.

We still have some Notes clients, but in a year they will rest in peace ...

The exchange admin told me that it is not possible to create a rule
from the server to play with the subject and move messages to the spam
folder in outlook. That´s why I want to play with IMF. This way I can
store only high spam and let low spam pass to the users.

I have to assume users are very dumb and can´t create a rule by them.
If this can be done using any kind of GPO or using the exchange server
or adding headers to be parsed by IMF it will be my choice.

I have no experience with exchange. I always used Unix mailers and
MTAs so I´m a bit lost here.


On 4/3/07, Kevin Miller <Kevin_Miller at> wrote:
> Thiago Martins wrote:
> > Hi folks.
> >
> > Is there any possibilities to insert some header or any other way to
> > make Microsoft Outlook or Exchange know that a message is SPAM?
> >
> > There is a folder in Outlook for SPAM and sometimes it flag some
> > messages as SPAM automatically. I believe this is done using some
> > header in the mail body.
> The easiest thing is to let MailScanner add text to the subject line,
> and write a rule.  It won't update the IMF in Exchange or anything, but
> it's easy to shunt things off to a folder.
> An Outlook add in that I've been pretty happy with is called SpamBayes
> ( which can help Outlook deal with the
> little that slips through MailScanner.  May or may not be a good fit for
> your site.
> ...Kevin

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