How to flag SPAM in MS Exchange/Outlook using Mailscanner?

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Tue Apr 3 21:25:42 IST 2007

Thiago Martins wrote:
> Hi folks.
> Is there any possibilities to insert some header or any other way to
> make Microsoft Outlook or Exchange know that a message is SPAM?
> There is a folder in Outlook for SPAM and sometimes it flag some
> messages as SPAM automatically. I believe this is done using some
> header in the mail body.

The easiest thing is to let MailScanner add text to the subject line,
and write a rule.  It won't update the IMF in Exchange or anything, but
it's easy to shunt things off to a folder.

An Outlook add in that I've been pretty happy with is called SpamBayes
( which can help Outlook deal with the
little that slips through MailScanner.  May or may not be a good fit for
your site.

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