OT: Multiple Outgoing IPs?

Jim Coates jimc at laridian.com
Tue Apr 3 20:10:54 IST 2007

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> > On Mon, 2 Apr 2007, Jim Coates wrote:
> >
> >> Because of how we track bonded sender info and such, I 
> need to have 
> >> both domains (one for each company) sending outgoing mail on 
> >> different IPs.
> >
> > Look at Sendmail 8.14.x
> >
> > This will probably mean dumping whatever flavour distros ancient
> > version you have installed and useing the tarball.
> >
> >
> Unless you have a redhat-like distro; if you do, you can find 
> the rpms 
> (with source rpms as well) at 
> http://www.city-fan.org/ftp/contrib/mail/

Well, I talked to my ISP about the "multiple instances of SendMail" and this
was the response they gave me:

Sendmail by default listens on all avialable ip addresses.  Using the
outline you've provided does the following:

2 seperate instances of sendmail, 1 listening on the base ip while the other
listens on the second ip.

One then can be configured to relay all mail received to a smart host, while
the other doesn't.  However, the doesn't prevent a user from using the first
instance.  (Nor am I actually sure how to split the configs amongst sendmail

Additionally, /usr/sbin/sendmail only points to the first queue.  There
isn't any way for this to selectively point to the second queue.  The only
way to get mail injected to the second queue is by talking to port 25 on the
ip address of the second instance.  Any mail generated from scripts will not
work as expected.

Sendmail will always use the base ip address when sending mail.  If there is
a way to change this, I haven't been able to find any information online
regarding this.

Does this sound right?


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