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Res res at ausics.net
Tue Apr 3 14:51:00 IST 2007

On Mon, 2 Apr 2007, Rick Chadderdon wrote:

>> (loghogger: one who feels the need to read every single entry in their log 
>> files)
> See, this is odd to me.  I'm used to many younger people having no idea of 
> what manners are - what rudeness is.  But I have gotten the impression from 
> your posts that you're around my age.  A rude behavior is rude whether the 
> individual to whom it is directed takes it that way or not.  Do you think 
> there needs to be some consensus before something is declared "rude"?  How 
> many people need to think something is rude before it actually *is* rude?  Is 
> is a percentage of a population?  Please, enlighten me.

Everybody is out to do whats best for their own network, if you said I 
think its rude you use an RBL that may or may not list you, is it rude? 
NO! its not!

I also do not find it rude for those useing SV that want to ask my smtp, 
as *I* understand they are trying to protect their networks and support 
any action they take in doing so.

> Your lack of concern - and your rudeness - in this regard even lead you to

there is no need for a concern. you see there is befcause you dont like 
one particular method someone takes to prtect THEIR network.

> if you actually cared about the issue.  I am not a "log hogger".  I peruse my 
> logs on a regular basis to look for trouble signs, but I don't "read every 
> single entry" in those files unless there is a problem I need to track down

Then how the hell else do you know all your data is being consumed by SV. 
in fact I *BET* the bytes value of all your posts in this thread hus far 
is far more than the total SV's that hit your server in a month.

>> Thats not possible for sanity reasons, eg: hosting customers, sending from 
> Mmmm...  Oh, I see what you're saying.  No, I meant that the SMTP transaction 
> would be modified to be a three-way, probablythree-party handshake.  I think

the same thing as what you are crying about now *shakes head*

> you can figure out what I mean.  If not, let's please continue the discussion 
> off-list.  Regardless, nearly all of the reasons that people reject perfectly

theres nothing to discuss, you dont like it and despise those useing it, 
I dont care if someone uses it against us as I know they are only trying 
to protect their customers from spam, I don't (as yet) do it, but support 
those who do use it.


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